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20?? Election
be part of the solution

Becoming political . . . where to begin

Keep it simple

(and you might be surprised)

Get informed

Figure out which political party you affiliate with by taking the quizzes below.

Find a reliable source of news and check it for five minutes daily.

Start Locally

Find an issue specific to your community that you care about.  What interests you?

Find a candidate you are passionate about and whose principles align with your beliefs.

4 Reasons why gen z is political

Heart & Hands Outline

As a group, Generation Z is passionate about change.

Theater Masks

Generation Z wants the best for the future and knows action must be taken.

Education Icon White

Generation Z  has the confidence to be a mobilizing force.

Tools Icon White

Generation Z knows it will take work and effort to make an impact and is willing to do it.

Choose a campaign and take action with 5.5 million young people.

Other Ways to Get Political

political rally
Take action and become an advocate for your rights. 
25 Ways to be Politically Active (CNN)
Vote buttons on flag
Want to play your part?  Register to vote here.
Political blog with
Gabe Fleisher
Support LGBTQ+ with It Gets Better Project
Open the Door
Be in the Know

More Ways to Get Political

Election Campaign
3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard Without Protesting

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Open Books
Informed, Motivated & Media Literate
Adirondack Youth Wild Center Climate Summit

Read more

Laptop Writing
Circle:  Youth-led Research Resource Page

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teens in politics.jpg
Teens in Politics
Political Internships

Polling  Place

Alliance for Youth Action and Civiqs
Real Clear Politics
Quinnipiac University Poll
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