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fund raising ideas

make the grade

At the beginning of any grading period, have students that want to take part sign up. After you get a group of students signed up,  the students ask people to donate $1-$2 (or more, if you want) for every A or B they receive. At the end of the grading period, they’ll bring in their report cards and the youth group will receive their pledges.

gift wrapping

Any holiday fundraiser, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day. Set up a gift wrapping station at church or ask a store if you can set up in a well-trafficked area. Determine a reasonable fee per package.  Ask local stores if they would donate wrapping paper, scotch tape, scissors.  Or go Green, use old newspapers, comics, cloth, etc. 

pair up

Go to church, the Rotary, the Elks Club or Moose Club and pair up.  Pair up with members of an organization who need help doing chores, shoveling, cleaning, wrapping gifts, or Whatever!  

hot or cold

Sell hot chocolate in the winter.  Sell lemonade in the summer.  It may sound corny, but you may find people are willing to help your center by buying a drink.  Find an event in which your group can sell drinks to the public.  Like at a Winter carnival, First Night, a Summer running event, or a Spring clean up!  

71 fundraising ideas for youth groups 
by life in student ministry

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