Don't go broke

Top 5 Reasons

Where do

I start?

Don't worry...there's an app for that!

Old school paper and pen budgeting is out and digital tracking is in.  Mobile budgeting apps make it easier than ever to stay on track and keep your spending and saving in line.  Check out these apps for your budgeting needs.

simple rules of money management

(in black and white)

1st thing to consider

Your Future self

(Think of yourself as a 65 years old) 

  • You acquired knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • You found a job you love.

  • You learned to save for the car, the education, the house, the family, the vacation, travel, retirement, and the emergency!!

2nd thing to consider

Delayed Gratification

(Just wait)

  • Benefits:

    • Achieve long term goals

    • Learn self control

    • Bigger, better rewards

    • Achievement is possible

3rd thing to consider


TVM:  "Time Value of Money"

  • When you're young, time is on your side.  Save now and let your money work for you.  See how it works by clicking on VIEW MORE.

4th thing to consider

PYF:  Pay yourself first

  • Before you spend any money on anything, contribute to your savings account.  Yes, pay your bills next.  No to treats, new clothes, or coffee! Seriously, you can do this!​​  

A National Endowment of Financial Education Resources

Teach Banzai

To Teach about Financial literacy 

It's Free!


Money Management for College Students 

number crunching time

If we're talking about money we have to do the numbers

Rule of


Rule of 72

Rule of 20/4/10

Your Wheels


Rule of 30

Simple Interest

versus Compound 


Money Management Resources

Money Management games

life choices

Calling All Entrepreneurs
Thinking about starting your
own business? 
Check out 
Financial Literacy
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