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our mission

Our mission is to inspire and help teens seek personal growth by exposing them to the opportunities and adventures unique to the Adirondacks and its adirondack neighbors while empowering them with resources to utilize and learn from these experiences - making their Adirondack roots an invaluable foundation for the future.

Adirondack Teen believes that our community's youth possess a high capacity for compassion, the potential for resilience and determination, and the ability to strive for and achieve great successes starting right here, at home.

Meet the team

Caroleigh Meserole

Marketing, Editor

I work for a local school district as the network coordinator and have 20 years of Information Technology experience. My career expands to independent contracting for various local businesses as well as residents. I am also a volunteer Website Coordinator for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival and various other local businesses.

In my spare time, I enjoy repairing computers, photography, spending time with my family and traveling to places I have not yet seen! 

Dominique Denson

Editor, Designer

With 9 years of experience teaching high school Marketing and Personal Finance, I have worked with hundreds of teens. I understand the challenges today’s teens face, and I know how much hard work goes into their education, their jobs, and the building of their futures. My goal is to continue to help young people navigate the “real world” and find their place within their



I am a lover of the outdoors and a believer in the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned not only from formal education but in the time spent

doing the things we love. With my husband and twin boys, I can often be found at the beach swimming, surfing, or playing in the sand. I love the sun and enjoy being outside whenever possible. Health and wellness are also important to me, and I enjoy 

spending time cooking delicious food for my family or jogging with my children.



Matthew graduated from Old Dominion University with a BFA in Art, concentrating in Graphic Design, and a minor in Art History. He spent the next four years creating cutting edge graphics for West Coast surf/skate apparel company Connetic Life, doing advertising work for a regional publication, and building his freelance portfolio with major companies such PepsiCo’s Brisk Tea and SoBe.


In 2014, Matthew was selected as the winner of PepsiCo’s Brisk X “BlankYouVeryMuch“ design competition which led to subsequent work with them. He is also a two-time “Best in Show” winner of the AIGA SHRED design competition in 2012 and 2013 for the surf and skate categories respectively.


Matthew currently works full time as a designer/ illustrator for Works Progress Design in Norfolk, Virginia and continues to freelance in spare time.


other contributors

We have other family members who do countless hours of service to Adirondack Teen. They will remain anonymous and are commended for all they do.

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