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your Community is Hiring!

Raking Grass
  • Need the yard raked?
  • Paint chipping off the shed?
  • Need your wood stacked?
  • Is your lawn getting too high?
If so....submit a job below!!

Spring is coming!

Add your name to the list of available workers

Image by Edu Lauton
  • Need some cash?
  • Willing to shovel or rake?
  • Can you stack wood?
  • Is mowing your thing?
If so....Add your name to the Job Connection list!!

JOb listings

Camp of the Woods

North Country Camps:  Lincoln and Whippoorwill

Lawn Raking $15 hr Saranac Lake

New York State Seasonal Work Search

Adirondack Camp

Seasonal Positions

Job Description: Admissions; waterside cafe; wild supply co.

Hours:  AM/PM

Contact:  Tawnya Kentile, The Wild Center,  Tupper Lake, NY

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Quick Links

These hot spots are often hiring...Check out these applications.

Need more job ideas?

Here are a few ideas that are great for teens.

Golf Course Caddy
Grocery Bagger
Counter Service

how to clinch the job

Get working Papers

Do you need working papers?  What are working papers.  Learn more. 

Create a Quality Resume

List all types of experience (volunteer, work, clubs, etc.)  And don't forget to proofread!  Check out these templates.

Practice your Interview Skills

Firm handshake, eye contact, and confidence.  Get more tips and advice here.

You, Work, and the Law

Use these resources to help you navigate the workkfoce in New York State.
NYS Labor Standards Laws
Wage and Hour Laws
State Prohibition Occupations
NYS Department of Labor Youth Job Portal
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